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Using the latest technology to clear a blockage with a powerful high velocity water-jetter capable of clearing drains up to 300mm, we guarantee to get the job done with minimal fuss. Wherever possible, every cleared drain is inspected with our CCTV drain camera to make sure we’ve cleared the blockage thoroughly and also to see if there’s potential for future blockages further downstream. This service is complimentary with every jetting job, as is locating any problem areas that may require excavation to repair. We specialise in blocked drains and repairs or replacement drains. Blocked showers and floor wastes, urinals, grease trap and kitchen drains, stormwater and sewer blockages are what we do!

Using high-quality, high-resolution drain cameras, Energy Jetting & Location Services can see problems in your buried drains that are just waiting to make themselves known. Whether you need to investigate the condition or location of your existing drains, we have the technology to not only see what’s buried underground but also locate it.

Dial Before You Dig will let you know where underground services are outside your property boundary, but not inside. So, if you’re excavating and don’t want to deal with delays caused by damaged inground services, get in touch with Energy Jetting & Location Services to locate water, gas, telecommunications, power and drains so you can get on with the job stress-free. We have the technology.

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