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If your hot water system breaks down, you need it sorted out straight away. We’ll give you over the phone advice and price to best suit your budget and needs. We are qualified and experienced plumbers with solar hot water and heat pump endorsements as well as gas fitters, so whatever hot water system you decide to go with we’ll complete the installation to get you back up and running in no time.

When it comes to saving money on running costs, solar hot water is the best option as it uses the suns energy to heat your water. On those rainy or high demand days we can make sure you don’t run out of hot water by providing either electric or gas boosted systems. If your budget won’t stretch that far you might want to consider a heat pump hot water system which will save you up to 70 percent on your running costs compared to an electric hot water system. Gas storage or continuous flow systems are also great options depending on your hot water demand.

Regular servicing of your hot water system reduces the chance of a breakdown, and if you lose hot water after hours or on the weekend it can be a costly repair so a bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way. If you’re noticing dirty water or a change in water pressure at your hot water taps make it a priority to give us a call before it’s too late.

Quite often it may not be your hot water system that’s playing up but the associated valves and outlets that are causing issues with hot water delivery. We’ll assess the situation swiftly and make repairs as necessary.

We are experts at clearing blocked drains and have the latest technology to take the guesswork out of diagnosing the cause of your drainage issue. Once we clear your drain we inspect it using our CCTV drain camera not only to determine the cause of the blockage but to make sure we thoroughly clean any problem areas

The most common cause of blocked drains is tree roots infiltrating your sewer or stormwater drain through cracks or breaks in the pipe. Signs of a blocked drain are foul smells, gurgling and slow draining fixtures, overflowing sewer grates and downpipes or pits. The problem is, once they’re in there they will keep growing back so regular cleaning is required to keep your drain flowing. Once again, preventative maintenance is key to avoiding that nasty situation of overflowing sewers at inconvenient times. Other causes of blocked drains are grease, dropped drains holding water, hair and soap residue, baby wipes or non-biodegradable materials being flushed down the toilet, build up of dirt, leaves or silt, or collapsed drains that simply can’t cope any more.

The permanent solution for blocked drains is to dig it up and replace the affected areas. Energy Plumbing can provide an all inclusive quote to give you piece of mind that your buried services are up to scratch and installed correctly so you don’t have to deal with any of these issues in the future. We are blocked drain specialists who lay drains with care because we see the end result of poorly laid drainage.

Using the latest technology we’ll firstly clear your drain with a powerful high velocity water jetter capable of clearing drains up to 300mm in diameter. Then we inspect your drain with a high resolution CCTV camera to make sure we’ve got the job done and also to see if there are any other hidden issues that need attention while we’re there. If we find problems that require further attention we also have the technology to locate what the camera is seeing to accurately pinpoint the site of any future excavation.

Leaking taps isn’t just replacing tap washers. We perform professional tap servicing by checking the condition of your brass seats, replacing o-rings and fibre washers and cleaning spindle shafts before reassembling to make sure your tap ware functions the way it did the day it was installed. We service all types and makes of tap ware and toilets including in-wall cisterns, urinals, mixers and hose taps.

Not only do leaking taps and toilets waste water but they can also keep you up at night with that annoying drip into the sink or the periodic hiss of a toilet cistern. Don’t put up with it any longer, give us a call so we can sort it out for you and you can tick that job off your ‘to do’ list.

Leaking gas appliances and pipe work can be dangerous and needs immediate attention. Leak detection equipment can often assist us in finding a gas leak in hidden walls, ceilings and cavities. If your gas appliance isn’t performing as it should it may need servicing.

Installing gas appliances is a big part of Energy Plumbing’s services we provide to builders and clients, with attention to detail to make sure your gas service is pipe sized appropriately so all appliances are operating at the right pressures and therefore performing to their full potential. Every gas job is pressure tested, commissioned and certified before it is handed over. Gas hot water systems, decorative fire heaters, BBQ’s, outdoor and indoor heaters, cooktops, stoves and ovens, commercial cooking appliances, radiant wall heaters and pool heaters are just some of the gas appliances we install.

Sometimes old gas piping can leak letting off a foul odour and has the potential to be hazardous. Replacing gas services and appliances as well as repairs is what we do

Energy Plumbing has a variety of clients that require annual testing of backflow devices. These devices are an integral part of maintaining health and safety requirements to the general public and require endorsed plumbers to perform testing and maintenance to these devices.

These devices are commonly seen in commercial and industrial premises like shopping centres, hospitals, cafes and manufacturing plants. These devices are installed to protect our water supply from contamination.

Just like backflow prevention devices, thermostatic mixing valves require annual testing to ensure safe operation to the end user of these devices. Thermostatic mixing valves are commonly used in nursing homes, hospitals, medical centres etc. and also requires an endorsement on plumbers license.

If your noticing dampness in your carpet, timber skirting or flooring rotting or getting mouldy, mound patches on your ceiling or

cupboards changing shape there’s a good chance you have a water leak. Don’t let any of these symptoms prevail as the resulting damage can be costly. Give us a call to investigate further before your worst nightmare unfolds.

Roof Leaks & Preventative Maintenance

Roof leaks show up at the worst time, when the weather’s ugly. That’s when a bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way to saving you the stress and hassle of having to deal with water infiltrating your home or office. Whether its tree leaves and debris, old and deteriorated flashings, inadequate or blocked downpipes – Energy Plumbing will have a solution to give you piece of mind the next time the rains come.

If you’re a landlord there’s a good chance obtaining a WEC (water efficiency certificate) will be a priority in order to avoid paying a hefty water bill from your tenants. It’s a good idea to update your WEC at the start of each tenancy agreement to avoid dispute over water charges, but also to ensure your property remains water efficient.

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